Win Win Solutions To Sell Your Santa Barbara Home

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Tips on How to Get Ready to Sell Your Santa Barbara Home

Exterior of Home

  • The condition of your home’s exterior is most important when it comes to buyer appeal. Touch up trim paint on doors, window frames, fascia, etc.
  • If your lawn shows no signs of life, a little fertilizer and some water will do wonders for its color. Mow and edge the lawn frequently until the home is sold.
  • Overgrown shrubbery should be cut back to show as much of the exterior as possible.
  • A low-cost investment in seasonal flowers or ground cover will add a personal touch.
  • Replace missing shutters, gutters, and downspouts and remove any debris.
  • Inspect the roof for necessary repairs and any visible broken shingles or tiles.
  • Cracks in driveway should be repaired.
  • Fences should be mended and painted.
  • If the street sweeper does not come every week, make sure the area in front of your curb and driveway are clear of debris.
  • Wash all windows inside and outside.
  • All of these suggestions may also apply to your back yard or child’s play area.

Interior of Home

  • Clean your home from top to bottom.
  • Put all valuables and medications in a safe place.
  • Repair any cracks or holes in walls and touch-up paint.
  • Doors should be cleaned and touched-up as well.  All torn screens should be repaired or replaced.
  • Avoid repainting the entire house unless current colors are very loud or offbeat. White or light pastels are the easiest for new homeowners to work with and they make your rooms look larger.
  • Have carpeting and draperies cleaned.
  • Carpeting should be vacuumed throughout the house the day your home is being shown.
  • If you have a fireplace, make sure it is in good condition, the screen is in good shape, and the hearth & chimney are clean.
  • Lubricate squeaking doors, windows, and cabinets.
  • Be sure closets do not look cluttered.  It will make closets appear smaller.
  • Pre-pack items, which may clutter your home and make rooms appear smaller.
  • A few colorful plants will help liven and add color to the interior.

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