Google’s Quantum Breakthrough in Santa Barbara

New York Times by Cade Metz October 23, 2019 “SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – Google said on Wednesday that it had achieved a long-sought breakthrough called “quantum supremecy,” which could allow new kinds of computers to do calculations at speeds that are inconceivable  with today’s technology. The Silicon Valley giant’s research lab in Santa Barbara, Calif.,…

Santa Barbara Real Estate Statistical Update – July 31, 2014

Santa Barbara and Montecito Real Estate Statistics through July 31, 2014.

Viva la Fiesta! Santa Barbara is Celebrating its 90th Annual Old Spanish Days Fiesta. While the community at large is celebrating Fiesta, the Real Estate Market is busy! The Santa Barbara Real Estate Statistical Update through July 31, 2014 show the Number of Sold Listings down -19.0%, the Dollar Volume of Sold Listings are up +1.9% and the Median Sales Price is up +11.8% year over year. The Median Sales Price in Santa Barbara currently stands at $855,000. Last year the Median Sales Price was $765,000. The Number of New Listings is down -6.4% while the Dollar Volume of New Listings is up +2.0%. The Median List Price currently stands at $959,000., up +8.4% from last year’s Median List Price of $885,000.